Tuesday, 5 May 2015

SOUND/PLACE | London | May 2015

Sound Art Group Exhibition & Events Programme 
St. James Hatcham Church

5th May - 13th May 
Private View: 5th May 6.00pm - 9pm 

The sound art group exhibition revisits the notion of “place” as a creative canvas and a platform for collaborative, critical debate and exchange. The show aims to question the problematics of displaying sonic art in a group exhibition, while utilising St. James Hatcham as a site for shared experimentation and conceptual questioning.

The artists are invited to explore the architectural layout of the space while responding to ideological discourses concerning space, place and location (sound art in relation to institutional apparatuses and political power, sociological impact of sound, senses and forms of displacement). It conceptually investigates how space as a both a physical container, and a philosophical, social and political construct, contributes to the formation, and experience of sound as art.

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